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AgentIQ is a powerful real estate tool offering you a wealth of property related information at your fingertips. As a South African property professional, this is exactly what you need to offer your clients the best service and advice.

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Key sales information

Generate Sales Reports and Property Reports with key sales information in your Area of Interest, the area of properties that you have selected as the focus of your business. The sales information can also be viewed on the interactive map which shows the exact location of the sale.

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Easy access to WinDeed searches

No input criteria required – simply select a property from the map or property list and choose the WinDeed search you want! Avoid duplicate searching and having to go back and forth between programs - all the WinDeed reports and search results are available in AgentIQ and are linked to the property.

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Unlimited Sales Reports

Use the Sales Report to stay up-to-date with the sales activity in your Area of Interest and to assist you in calculating property valuations. Unlimited Sales Reports are included in your subscription!

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Branded and personalised Property Reports

A perfect opportunity to market yourself and your organisation - generate and share Property Reports displaying your organisation’s branding, photo and contact details.

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Centralised store for property-related information

Capture and store property configuration, personal notes and other information about a property for easy access! All this information is available to you when you select a property on the map or property list.

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Manage the account and control the cost

Comprehensive administration and managing of account with ability to provide access to reports and functionality on an individual user level. A detailed transaction history with associated costs is also available.